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A Capability Scotland School

Our Curriculum

We offer a relevant, challenging and skills-led curriculum where priority is given to providing enjoyable learning in a range of motivating contexts, developing necessary skills for life in the 21st century.

Our curriculum is in line with Scotland’s Curriculum for Excellence. The purpose of our curriculum is to offer opportunities for learners to be successful and to prepare them for life after school. Our curriculum structure ensures that learners have the opportunity to be:

  • successful learners;
  • confident individuals;
  • effective contributors;
  • responsible citizens.

Our teaching is needs-led, skills-based, and always tailored to our learners’ needs through our Individualised Education Programmes. Learners come to Stanmore House because we offer a bespoke education supported by resources that grow and develop as they do.

Our four principles form the structure of our curriculum and play an integral part in our daily learning. Our principles are:

  • communication;
  • skills for learning, life and work;
  • health and well-being;
  • responding to my environment.

Within a planned cycle of assessment, moderation and tracking, each learner will take part in high quality learning experiences throughout their individualised and tailored learning journey. Our learning pathways provide a flexible framework for targeted work and learners may move between the pathways according to changing needs.

All learners will choose areas of study as they move from Broad General Education to Senior Phase and the level of certification achieved alongside social skills and well-being will impact onward positive destinations.
Our learning pathways for a Broad General Education and our Senior Phase are met by teaching through well planned topics or themes matched to pupils’ needs, interests and hobbies.

For example, in our SQA certification we may be learning about going shopping for food across a set of sessions and will explore and develop abilities in communication, the self and emotions, and motor skills through discovery of shopping.

Our learning pathways will always work to and monitor meeting of milestones, such as attention skills, preference and choice, and interactions. We work to develop literacy, numeracy, talking, listening, and in our senior phases we develop skills in having your say, healthy eating, developing hobbies and interests, financial awareness – even looking after animals!