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A Capability Scotland School

Caring Support

Whether you are a young person attending our school, staying in our residential, using our life skills centre, or enjoying our free toddler group, you’ll receive excellent care and support from our expertly trained staff teams provided by Capability Scotland, our parent charity.

Capability Scotland has provided social care for the disabled people of Scotland for over 75 years and has a wealth of knowledge covering over 150 health conditions – so there’s not much we haven’t seen or successfully supported.

Our staff meet the strict training requirements set out by the Care Inspectorate and the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC). We support our young people throughout their day, from getting up and dressed for school, during the school day with lessons, after school for dinner, winding down for the day.

We help with meal times and diet, personal care and maintaining dignity, calling home for a catch up, getting social with our friends and lots more.

We’re there 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to ensure the young people in our care are receiving the very best care and support they need to achieve their goals and ambitions.