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A Capability Scotland School

Our Facilities

We’re consistently investing in our campus to ensure it not only feels like a home from home for our boarders but has modern resources that are fit for purpose for our day learners that encourage learning, well-being, and a little bit of fun.

Hydrotherapy Pool

Our hydrotherapy pool is a popular choice with our learners as it provides many therapeutic benefits as well as the opportunity to relax and have fun. The warmth of the water allows muscles to relax and eases joint pain, enabling learners to experience a range of movements and light exercise.


We enjoy movies and videos in our cinema, complete with popcorn! As well as use during the school day, this makes a great recreational after-school attraction for watching our favourites on the big screen.

Rebound Therapy

Rebound is a form of exercise therapy using a full-sized trampoline that provides opportunities for movement, therapeutic positioning, exercise and recreation. Our therapy teams are fully trained on its use and delivery.

Sensory Spaces

A therapeutic space providing calm and focus to prepare individuals for learning and interacting with others. Our sensory spaces are specially designed to combine a range of stimuli for our learners to develop and engage all the senses, through ambient lighting, colours, sounds, sensory objects, and aromas.

Modern, Assistive Tech

We offer a range of assistive technology to benefit and aid in communication, interaction and learning. We have onsite assistive tech specialists to help us get the full use of modern tools like VOCAs (Voice Output Communication Aids), eyegaze trackers, and much more.

Outdoor Learning

Our vast outdoor space provides an excellent context for learning, helping us discover the world around us, encouraging physical activity, freedom and movement. We recognise that outdoor learning is a benefit to physical and mental wellbeing.

Our Community, Friends & Partners

We see community partnerships as a key element in inclusion and work with organisations such as the Scottish Poetry Library, Barn Buddies, Dale Robertson Inclusive Fitness, our local Lanark community, as well as local schools. These partnerships enhance learning experiences and offer the opportunity to build friendships.

Speech & Language Therapy

Our speech and language specialists provide ongoing development for young people with challenges in communication, helping learners not only understand communication but to find their own voice too.

Occupational Therapy

Paediatric occupational therapy applies specialist approaches and techniques to maximise a child’s engagement and independence across all areas of their life. Our approaches include components of upper limb therapy, sensory and movement, and behavioural interventions and fun play which is essential to our learners.


Through physiotherapy, we work to decrease pain, improve movement, gain strength and motion through targeted exercise, adaptive play, training and coordination activities.