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Transitions • Chocolate • Sharing His Voice

Arran is a senior learner at Stanmore House School, having joined us in 2010. Arran is getting ready to move on from Stanmore House to the next stage in his life – an exciting time!

At a recent transition discussion, Arran’s parents said they are a little apprehensive about his transition as he’s had such a great experience at school, and he loves coming to Stanmore.

Arran’s Dad describes our school as Arran’s “happy place, his family”, and Mum even added that “without Stanmore, Arran would not be able to do half of the things he can”, with doctors giving little hope to the family that Arran would be capable of doing anything in his infancy.
Well, Arran has proved them all wrong with his joke-telling, his fantastic memory, moving around in his wheelchair, and being his cheeky, mischievous, chocolate-loving self!

As Arran prepares to leave Stanmore House School, we know how much of a gap will be left in our hearts but we continue to prepare him as best as we can for his life as a young adult. We know he deserves to be independent, and he’s working on independence skills like brushing his teeth, putting on deodorant, washing his hands, moving from his chair to benches, moving around in his chair for longer periods, and expressing his voice more clearly.

With some support, Arran can tell us about personal events and stories with beginnings, middles and ends.

Lately, we’ve been working together on learning new additions to our weekly routine with Mondays in school and Tuesdays out at college. Arran has been making new friends at his new college and discussing those friends in school class.

He knows what it means to be a good friend and enjoys making his new friends laugh – as he has us over his years here.