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Giggles • Awards • Sharing Her Voice

Eloise joined Stanmore House School in 2021 but in her short time here, she’s made a huge impact. So much so that her parents have said how good it is to see that she has settled well, is less frustrated, more engaging – and fun and giggly!

Eloise loves attending our outdoor learning sessions, where she has worked hard to achieve the Discovery Level of the John Muir Award. Eloise is also currently working on the Woodland Trust’s Green Tree Award and has so far helped Stanmore House achieve the Silver and Gold levels.

In learning through play sessions, Eloise enjoyed working toward her Independent Education Programme targets and has even achieved the Make Way to Play Award.

In the coming year, Eloise is looking forward to working more on her communication and relationship-building, through working with other young people from a local primary school. During these sessions, she will be aiming for the Young Leaders Award through Sports Leaders UK. She is also excited to be attending a two-night health and well-being trip to Sports Scotland, in Inverclyde, taking part in a range of inclusive sports with her peers. Eloise’s parents are particularly thrilled for her to have this extracurricular experience and for Eloise to spend some time on holiday with her friends.With the targeted and intense support from our experienced and skilled team as well as living in her home from home in our Stanmore Residential, we see Eloise is indeed more engaged in the world around her, taking part and exploring to the best of her ability.

She is, overall, a happy young lady who loves being at school. Eloise has worked hard and shows significant progress with passing objects to her learning partner when her turn is finished and using clapping to anticipate her turn in activities, as well as developing her comprehension through verbal cues.

We’re excited to continue on Eloise’s journey with her as she strives to reach her full potential.