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Easter is Here!

March has seen us working on the RSPB Wild Challenge Bronze Award. This has involved us in helping and experiencing wildlife. We have created a bird café in the garden using a variety of bird feeders and homes, attracting a wide variety of birds to the garden for us to watch. We have been recording who comes to visit on a sensory pictograph. Not all our visitors have been birds, a cheeky squirrel has been helping himself to the nuts! We caught his picture on our motion camera.

Purple Class have been keeping us on track with our Eco work and the recycling police come around regularly, squirting water at anyone who hasn’t been doing it!

Our Duke of Edinburgh work is progressing well, we had a fantastic outdoor adventure day involving everyone working as a team to build a den, enjoy the sensory experience of making a fire, and then smelling, touching and tasting toasted marshmallows. We finished the day with stick dancing and making marks with the charcoal from our marshmallow sticks. Lots of outdoor learning and lots of fun! This week we are looking forward to the Easter break. We have been learning the Easter story and its traditions from around the world. We will be having an egg hunt and other Easter and Spring fun for the week.

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter, from everyone at Stanmore House School!

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